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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things to note in becoming a career computer programmer

If being a professional programmer is your desire, there is need for you to look for creative means of gainning unlimited experience and to become marketable in this day of global economic meltdown. This article suggests practical approach for getting to the peak of your goals.

1. Learn the Rudiments of Programming
Most of us are self learned programmer but if care is not taking it is easy to have a blind spot or miss out very important fundamentals as regards programming. Be it self learned or tutored make sure you learn the programming fundamentals; these include variable naming, proper program structure, debugging,memory management to mention a few. I will suggest you read literatures on computer programming fundamentals such as "Structure and Interpretation of computer program" written by Abelson et al, this book will aid your speedy growth in programming proficiency.

2. Be part of different types of project
The more you participate or involved yourself in different type of projects the more experience you will avail yourself. This can be achieved by getting involved with open source project or developing softwares for non profit organization to assist their operations. This will expose you to the following benefits:
i. Ability to develop an application to a specification;
ii.Experiencing a full development lifecycle and maintenance of an application;
iii.It will assist you in being a part of a team;
iv. Making you to have a feeling of accomplishment; and
v. Programming experience that can be listed on your resume.

3. You will need to Sacrifice
Consequent on the global economic meltdown, the pay package of a programmer may not be commensurate to the efforts put up by a programmer in any project or task. Therefore, as a career person in programming a little sacrifice from you will be required to launch yourself into the limelight. This is because the first five(5) years of your career may be slightly challenging.

4. Take a shot at Project Management/Development
There are many non-programming courses/trainings on management or development that will assist anyone in all areas of human endeavours without exception to programming experts.Skills in project management will afford you the needed requirements to manage any project even if it is programming project.It is recommended to all programmers to undergo a training in project management for a successful computer programming career.

5. Go Extra Mile
The game changer when it comes to career growth,development and heading towards a new directions is by "going the extra mile". This can be achieved by making yourself more valuable to your task or employer as the case may be; as this may open up a new career path for yourself within an organization or for your personal development. Learn new things about your career on daily basis as well as assist others in their activities for additional experience even when you are not part of the team on such project or task.

Practising some of the above highlighted tips you will be moving towards the peak in your deisred programming world.

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